This week I represented four clients charged with reckless driving in Greensville/Emporia. All four clients had their charges reduced, and three were able to avoid points for their reckless driving in Greensville. One client in particular had three tickets in the last three years, and this was a fourth offense. However, by presenting the case in the best light possible the charge was reduced so it was not reckless driving and not a misdemeanor.

It is important to spend a good amount of time analyzing each case in order to determine how serious the case is. Some cases will be more difficult, and require more attention based on the speed, the facts, or the driving record. And some cases require a different approach because the officer may be missing vital information relevant to your case. Yes, sometimes there are actual legal defenses to speeding/reckless driving. It is important to hire an attorney who will spend the time necessary to properly defend your charge of reckless driving in Greensville, Virginia.

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