This week I represented several clients charged with reckless driving by speed in Greensville/Emporia traffic court. The speeds ranged from 81 mph in a 70 to 95 mph in a 70. My success rate in getting all of the charges reduced this week was 100% for these reckless driving by speed charges in Greensville/Emporia Virginia. Please note case results vary and depend on a variety of factors unique to each case. Prior case results do not guarantee future results. Not every attorney can boast such a success rate. Over the years I have found that by limiting the number of cases that I do, I am able to spend more individual attention on each case. That means that each case gets the attention it deserves. Not every reckless driving case is the same, and judges do convict.

If you are charged with Greensville, Virginia reckless driving you should consult with an experienced attorney. I can fully advise you regarding your Greensville/Emporia reckless driving charge. I am a highly experienced Greensville/Emporia reckless driving attorney. My practice focuses almost exclusively on traffic matters, and the vast majority of my cases are reckless driving by speed. I practice in front of the Greensville/Emporia reckless driving and traffic court judges frequently. They rotate around the 6th Judicial District, which is where my office is located. Please feel free to call for a free consultation if you have been charged with Greensville/Emporia reckless driving by speed or other related traffic or criminal charge in Greensville/Emporia.

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