Reckless driving by speed is a class 1 criminal misdemeanor. The range of punishment for this charge is $0-2500 fine plus court costs, jail time of 0-12 months, and a loss of your license or privilege to drive in Virginia for 0-6 months.

The potential outcomes get much more complicated when you factor in the out-of-state consequences this conviction may have. For instance, a client retained me from New Hampshire who waived his court date in Greensville Virginia for reckless driving. The judge suspended his privilege to drive in Virginia for 60 days. Thinking that meant his New Hampshire license was suspended, he did not drive in New Hampshire during that period.

After 30 days the client received notice from the New Hampshire DMV that they would suspend his license for an additional 60 days. The client then called me to fix the situation. Fortunately I was able to get the Greensville, Virginia reckless driving case reopened and reduced. Then he needed to obtain an amended abstract and fix his issue in New Hampshire.

This case is not unique. I have had this come up in Michigan as well as Washington D.C., among other locations. Greensville, VA reckless driving is not a speeding ticket. In addition to DMV points, it will leave you with a permanent criminal conviction for misdemeanor reckless driving if you are convicted of your Greensville, Virginia reckless driving charge.

Consult with an experienced Greensville, Virginia reckless driving attorney who can advise you of your best options. A lot of attorneys advertise for traffic cases, thinking it is simple work. However, the truth is many of these same attorneys have no clue how a conviction in Virginia for reckless driving by speed in Greensville/Emporia translates for an out-of-state driver.

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