Recently I represented a client in Sussex, Virginia for reckless driving by speed. In most jurisdictions in Virginia the likely outcome would involve some jail time. In fact, some jurisdictions have a policy that at 90 mph and up, you spend a day in jail for every mph over 90.

Fortunately this case for Sussex reckless driving was not in one of those jurisdictions. However, this case required a lot of work. I met with the officer personally to ensure the best possible chance of a good summation from the officer and to verify facts.

Sussex, Virginia reckless driving at 100 mph is a serious offense. By preparing the case properly, I was able to get the charge reduced. Not only did the client avoid jail time, but the charge will be reduced.

Every case is unique and depends on a number of factors unique to each case. Past results do not guarantee or predict future results. However, with the proper preparation even seemingly impossible cases can have good result. If you are charged with an offense that carries the possibility of jail time, you should consult with an experienced Sussex, Virginia reckless driving attorney.


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