Brunswick Virginia Reckless Driving | Virginia Traffic Attorney

This week I represented several clients charged with reckless driving by speed in Greensville/Emporia traffic court. The speeds ranged from […]

Hopewell Reckless Driving, Brunswick Reckless Driving, Greensville Reckless Driving, Emporia Reckless Driving; 99 mph Reduced

Quality representation takes time. I represented a client in March in Hopewell General District Court (Hopewell is in the 6th […]

A Note About Fees for Reckless Driving

People frequently ask me what my fee is. Sometimes it is the first question they ask. I understand that it […]

Reckless Driving in Greensville, Virginia; Reckless Driving in Emporia, Virginia

This week I represented four clients charged with reckless driving in Greensville/Emporia. All four clients had their charges reduced, and […]

Texting While Driving in Virginia

Virginia drivers take caution. Texting while driving in Virginia will now be considered a primary offense. The law has been […]

Petersburg Reckless Driving 87 mph in a 65 mph Reduced with No Points

Recently I represented a client in Petersburg General District Court charged with Reckless Driving By Speed, 87/65. Unfortunately this client […]

Reckless Driving in Emporia; Reckless Driving in Greensville

Recently I had the opportunity to represent four clients charged with Reckless Driving by Speed in Emporia. These clients entrusted […]

Virginia Possession of Marijuana Charge Dismissed

Certain offenses in Virginia must occur on a public road. My client was charged with possession of marijuana and reckless […]

Reckless Driving in Greensville, Virginia: 96 mph in a 70 Reduced!

Don’t make the mistake of believing your reckless driving case is hopeless. I represented a client recently for reckless driving […]

Danger of Not Contesting Reckless Driving Charge

What follows is part of a blog post published on the Washington Post that highlights the dangers in not treating […]