At the law office of Leavitt & Martin, serious traffic charges are handled including:

Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, many things can be considered “reckless driving”. The Most common form we see is driving over 80 mph. Any reckless driving offense is a misdemeanor and must be taken very seriously.

Speeding Ticket

Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket can be issued for any speed in excess of 1 mph over the posted limit.

Accident Ticket

Accidents (Following too closely)

In most cases, a driver who is judged by an officer to be at fault will be issued a ticket.

Firm Overview

The office of Daniel P. Leavitt, PLLC is located in Hopewell, Virginia which is positioned 30 minutes outside of Richmond. Although I am a criminal defense lawyer, my area of expertise is Reckless Driving defense. In 2013 alone, I defended over 600 reckless driving tickets. Over the past few years, my firm has evolved from handling a variety of criminal matters to almost exclusively reckless driving.
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I chose the City of Hopewell as my office location due to its position relative to the courts I primarily practice in. My office is located two blocks from Hopewell General District Court which is in the 6th Judicial Circuit in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Most of my practice is in the 6th Judicial Circuit which is comprised of:
There are three judges who sit in the 6th Judicial Circuit (with the exception of substitute judges): Judge Bain, Judge Bloom and Judge Clark. I typically appear in front of each judge every week. In the past three years, I have had hundreds of cases in front of these judges. My familiarity with them does not gain me any special deals; however, because of my experience in their courts, I am very familiar with their policies. Dedication to Clients As a Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer, I understand the importance of a good result in a Reckless Driving Trial. A less than desirable outcome can negatively affect my client’s future. Due to the serious nature of these charges, I will give each client the attention that he/she deserves. A traffic attorney can not substitute attention to detail and hard work when it comes to defending clients against criminal charges.

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