As a traffic lawyer, this case stemmed from a traffic stop where my client was stopped for speeding and based on the facts of the case got charged with a felony. Hopewell, Virginia writes a lot of reckless driving and speeding charges and my office is right in Hopewell. I began my practice in Hopewell, Virginia doing a lot of criminal work. Over the years I have had many serious charges completely dismissed, including felony charges like attempted robbery, possession of cocaine, malicious wounding, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, malicious discharge of a weapon inside a dwelling, and nine counts of possession of child pornography.

While I now am a Hopewell, Virginia traffic lawyer I started out my practice years ago as a Hopewell, Virginia criminal defense lawyer. Felony charges are extremely serious because of the lifelong consequences that a felony can have. Being a convicted felon means you cannot vote, you cannot hold a concealed weapons permit or possess a firearm even to doing something as simple as teaching your kid to hunt. You lose a number of your civil rights automatically. While a restoration of your rights is possible, it is often time consuming and expensive. The most severe consequence is often trying to explain a felony conviction to a potential employer. The economy is difficult enough as it is, let alone have a felony conviction.

For these reasons and more, my client wanted to avoid a felony conviction. My client was stopped for reckless driving by speed in Hopewell, Virginia and the case against my client was very strong if the Commonwealth wanted to proceed. Fortunately I was able to negotiate potential outcomes that would have resulted in a complete dismissal of the charge if my client wanted to do some work to get it dismissed. Rather than having it dismissed my client decided to take a plea offer to reduce it right away to a misdemeanor charge of paraphernalia, with a fine.

Every client will ultimately want options. After thoroughly researching the facts of this case and after numerous conversations with the prosecutor I was able to put forth an option that would result in a dismissal for the Hopewell, Virginia felony criminal charge and also a result that would end up with a misdemeanor conviction and just a fine. Both of those options were excellent as the original charge was a felony drug charge. When we went before the court in Hopewell, Virginia for the criminal charge the judge I think had some difficulty in reducing the charge that low. It is a big jump to go from a felony marijuana charge all the way to a misdemeanor paraphernalia charge that has no jail time and a small fine. However, the judge did accept the agreement and the charge was reduced. My client did not get his license suspended, nor was there any jail time.

Every case is different. Every case takes a lot of time to get a great result. If you have a Hopewell, Virginia reckless driving charge or a Hopewell, Virginia criminal law charge do not hesitate to call for a free initial consultation. My fees are reasonable for the amount of time that I put into each case.

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