December 18, 2014

Hopewell Traffic Court

  I had a client charged with reckless driving by speed for travelling 98 mph in a 70 mph zone. Starting at 90 mph, these charges become very serious as judges begin to consider jail time. At these speeds, careful preparation is required by the attorney. It is also recommended to complete community service and/or driving school before court to help lessen the severity of the case.

In this particular case, my client was required to appear in court due to the high speed. The judge usually requires the client’s appearance when time behind bars is on the table. With this is mind, a lot of time was put in to this case.

Fortunately, my client had a clean record. With most reckless driving cases, the driving record is the biggest factor with the judge when he makes his decision. Additionally, my client was a University student. He also completed driving school before court. Even with these good facts, it was still going to be a tough case.

Typically at high speeds, the goal is to avoid jail time and a license suspension. However, at trial, I fought for my client’s charged to be reduced out of reckless driving. This outcome is almost unheard of at such a high speed. See below for case information page from the Virginia Court Website.

By Daniel Leavitt

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