September 10, 2014

89 in a 70 Ticket Reduced in Prince George County Traffic Court

I had a client charged with driving 19 mph over the speed limit within the Prince George County limits. If he were travelling just 1 mph faster, that would be the line where the judge would consider jail time. With that being the case, 89 mph would be a difficult charge to get reduced.

My client got his vehicle’s speedometer calibrated before court. The certificate showed his vehicle speedometer to be 2 mph off. For example, when his speedometer showed 33 mph, he was really going 35. This helped his case.

Additionally, the defendant only had one speeding ticket on his record. Typically, the most important factor in these cases is your driving history. Three or more conviction in the last five years is where the cases become more difficult to defend.

At trial, I was able to get my client a good outcome in the form of a reduction to a non-moving violation called defective equipment. Usually with higher speeds such as this, the goal is to get the charge amended to a speeding ticket. If you have a Reckless Driving ticket in Prince George County, Virginia, contact me as soon as possible to discuss your options and possible representation from an Experienced Reckless Driving Lawyer!

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By Daniel Leavitt, Attorney at Law

Prince George 89 in a 70 Reckless Defective

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