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Reckless Driving Tickets in Mecklenburg, VA

It is very common to find speed traps alongside Interstate 85 in Mecklenburg, VA set up by either the Virginia State Police or the Mecklenburg County Police Department. The speed limit on this section of I-85 near the North Carolina border is 70 mph. In Virginia, driving 11 mph or more above 70 mph is regarded as reckless driving.

Accident Charges

It is also possible to get a reckless driving ticket in Mecklenburg as a result of an accident. It is often times the policy of the police to give a ticket to the driver he or she finds to be at fault. These charges are often dismissed in court as long as either the driver or an attorney appears in court.

Possible Outcomes of Reckless Driving Charges


Rarely in reckless driving by speed cases will you charge be dismissed. When it does occur, it is as a result of a technicality or after completion of driving school and/or community service. Technicalities mostly include mistakes made by the officer such as writing the wrong offense date on the ticket or having an expired radar calibration.


The most common result of cases under 90 mph is a reduction to a lesser charge such as defective equipment. With a good record, judges in Mecklenburg will typically cut you a break so that you are not convicted of a misdemeanor. If it is reduced, it is usually to an infraction such as a speeding ticket or a non-moving violation equivalent to a broken tail light.


In cases of a high speed and/or a bad record, conviction can occur. Anything over 90 mph is considered a high speed. Having 4 or more speeding tickets on your record in the last 5 years is considered a bad record. Even with these factors I have still been able to get a charge reduced.

What to do if you are charged with Reckless Driving in Mecklenburg

Reckless Driving is considered a very serious charge in that it carrys serious consequences. It is a class 1 misdemeanor that adds 6 points to your driving record. Therefore, it is important to ensure your charge is taken care of.

Hire a Lawyer

The best way to handle a speeding or reckless driving ticket is Mecklenburg County, VA is to speak to a traffic attorney as soon as possible. An attorney will be able to inform you regarding what to expect in your case given that he or she has experience in Mecklenburg Traffic Court. It is important to hire someone with experience with Mecklenburg General District Court as well as Reckless Driving Tickets.

If you are charged with Reckless Driving in Mecklenburg, Virginia, call or email me as soon as possible. I can discuss your case with you as well as possible defenses. If hired, it is my goal to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case.

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