Petersburg VA

Speeding Enforcement on Major Petersburg Roads

I-95, I-85 and Rt. 460

The City of Petersburg, Virginia is a major hub for Virginia commuters due to the merging of Rt. 460, Interstate 85 and Interstate 95. It can be difficult to maintain the legal speed due to the constant changing of speed limits throughout these three highways. Often times commuters will be exceeding the speed limit and not be aware of it. The Virginia State Police and Petersburg Police Departmentoften take advantage of this by setting up speed traps in this area.

Dont Prepay Your Ticket!

If you have fallen victim to these speed traps in the Petersburg, VA area, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure your life isn’t negatively effective. The first thing to take note of is that prepaying your ticket is pleading guilty. Furthermore, if you are charged with reckless driving, you will be found guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor if you prepay. Class 1 misdemeanors carry very serious consequences and stay on your record for life. Additionally, reckless driving conviction have negative impacts such as an increase in insurance premiums and possible license suspensions. Over time, it is more cost effective to hire an attorney to try to get your charge reduced rather than pay higher insurance rates.

How to Handle Your Reckless Driving Ticket

Whether you are charged with speeding or reckless driving in Petersburg, Virginia, it is important to make sure you are represented whether it is by yourself or by a lawyer. Note:If you hire an attorney, you will not have to appear in court as long as you were ticketed under 90 mph. Defending you ticket is important due to the serious nature of reckless driving offenses. These charges carry up to a year in jail as well as a $2500 fine, even though both scenarios are unlikely. As mentioned before, you are also at risk of having your driving prilege suspended if you live in certain states such as Michigan.

Going to Court in Person

If you live near the Petersburg Courthouse and can not afford an attorney, it is recommended to go to court in person. However, if you can afford an attorney, this is the recommended route. A traffic attorney is much better suited to defend your ticket due to his/her experience with these cases. Representing yourself in court may not result an a good outcome due to lack of knowledge of reckless driving law and court procedure.

Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

A traffic lawyer will be equipped with the experience of having defended plenty of these cases in the past. As a result, he or she will know how to best prepare for you reckless driving cases. In order to put your case in the best light possible for the judge, a lawyer may advise you to complete driving school or community service before court. This kind of preparation is an example of what the average defendant may not be aware of and why it is adviseable to hire someone in your place.

When choosing a lawyer to defend your reckless driving charge, be sure to hire someone who is familiar with Petersburg Traffic Court and the judge your case will be presented in front of. Every judge has a different policy regarding how to handle these types of tickets.

Hiring Me for Your Reckless Driving Ticket

If you have been charged with reckless driving in the City of Petersburg, Virginia, call or email me as soon as possible. I would love to discuss your case with you as well as why you should choose me to defend your ticket. I have defended many clients in Petersburg Traffic Court for reckless driving tickets, speeding tickets and other charges.

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