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Speeding and Reckless Driving Tickets in Prince George

There are many large roadways in Prince George County such as I-95, I-295, Route 301 and Route 460. All of those are known speed traps enforced by the Prince George Police and Sheriffs Department as well as the Virginia State Police. The areas law enforcement commonly hands out speeding and reckless driving tickets to commuters. Reckless Driving tickets must be taken very seriously.

Consequences of Reckless Driving

If you are convicted of Reckless Driving in Prince George, VA, it can have many serious repercussions:

  • A misdemeanor conviction on your criminal record
  • 6 points on your driving record
  • Possible jail time and/or license suspension
  • A fine of up to $2500
  • Loss of security clearance and/or CDL
  • Increased insurance premiums

With consequences as bad as these, it is very important to take your reckless driving charge very seriously. Typically the best way to take care of a reckless driving ticket is to hire a lawyer to defend you.

Hiring a Traffic Attorney

Choosing a reckless driving attorney in Prince George can be a difficult process. With so many to choose from, and the seriousness of the charge involved, one must make the decision wisely. There are several things to look for in a Traffic Lawyer:

  • Make sure they regularly practice in the court you are summoned to appear in.
  • Ensure that he/she is a “Traffic” attorney who has handled many reckless driving offenses.
  • Check that the lawyer has a good reputation and is endorsed by other attorneys.

Hiring Me For you Reckless Driving Ticket in Prince George, Virginia

If you have a reckless driving charge in Prince George County, Virginia, I’d like to discuss your ticket with you as soon as possible. Careful preparation is important for these cases so it is important to act now. It is my job to ensure that you get the best possible outcome on the day of court.

What to expect from my representation

I am a Prince George, Virginia Traffic Lawyer who regularly handles Reckless Driving Tickets in Prince George General District Court. Over the past few years, my law practice has evolved to mainly concentrate on Reckless Driving offenses. If you were ticketed under 90 mph and have a decent driving record, there is a good chance that you can walk away with this with a minimal impact if you hire me as your lawyer.

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